Gothic hall in the Winter Palace


The artist is Yushkov

On the ground floor of the northwestern risalith of the Winter Palace according to the plans of Rastrelli, there were no residential premises. The front one of the entrances from the Neva side was located here. When resuming the palace after the fire of 1837 in the fourth spare half of the project a. P. Bryullov arranged rooms for the daughters of Emperor Nicholas I. The living room of the Grand Duchess was decorated in the style of the Gothic Church. In the distance you can see the blue walls of the library of the Grand Duchess. In this room on February 21, 1855, under a canopy, after balming, the body of the late Emperor Nikolai Pavlovich was exhibited for public farewell. For everyone who wants to say goodbye to the emperor, the entrances of the Winter Palace were discovered.

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