world creation


The artist is Aivazovsky

The plot of the word from the Bible is based on: “The earth was innocent and empty, and darkness over the abyss; And the spirit of God rushed over the water ”(Genesis, 1: 2). The picture was written in 9 hours. At the IAX exhibition (1864) was exhibited under the name “The moment from the creation of the world”, in 1865 it was acquired by Emperor Alexander II for the imperial Hermitage. In the literature, it is known as the names: “The moment of creation of the world” (art gallery of the Russian Museum of Emperor Alexander III. SPb, 1904. With. 1), “Peacemaker” (n. P. Sobko. Dictionary of Russian artists. T. 1, no. 1, St. Petersburg, 1893. With. 305, 306, silt. 56) and “Universe” (ibid. With. 302, 324). Options: “chaos (creation of the world)”. 1841, Museum of the Armenian Congregation of Mkhitarists, Venice; “World creation”. 1889, Theodosian art gallery. And. To. Aivazovsky; “Universe (Universe)”, the whereabouts are unknown, was at a personal exhibition in 1894.

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