Water and stones under Palacezola


The artist is Ivanov

One of the studies to the picture "The phenomenon of Christ the people". A full -length sketch, a completely complete work on the artistic result. The real natural motive of compositional completeness, color and textured wealth, tangibility of the light game acquires an almost cosmic sound, is filled with philosophical meaning. Among the numerous, unusually smooth in high -quality level of Ivanov’s landscape studies "Water and stones…" – genuine and recognized masterpiece. The composition of the study, of course, is thoroughly thought out and generalized, meanwhile it maintains the freshness of the impressionistic sketch of Alla Prima. Multilayer painting with sweeping color strokes conveys an extraordinary, characteristic of nature, a wealth of colors, shades, halftones, reflexes. The bottomless sky is reflected in fast -flowing water, unshakable eternity is recorded in stone. Light and momentary (sunny day) – and philosophically eternal (the condition of being of all things). The chamber and lyrical essentially the motive gains in a small study epic monumentality of philosophical artistic understanding of the world order. The multi -digit contrast between the transient and eternal, variable and unshakable, ordinary and ideal forms the basis of the romantic sound of the study, which most fully expressed the artistic concept of Ivanov.

The Russian Museum. From the icon to the present. 2005. With. 144.

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