Parates in the attic


The artist is unknown

Circle a. G. Venetianov.
With school a. G. Venetianov’s work is related by the plot: a genre picture with the image of people engaged in prosaic everyday labor in a modest interior, as well as diligent reliability in the depiction of space with emphasized luminous development of volumes and thorough placement of figures with characteristic common types. T. AT. Alekseeva included a picture in the list of works of unknown artists of the Venetian school, setting authorship f. M. Slavic (?) (Alekseeva t. AT. 1982. With. 374). The picture comes from the collection f. And. Pryanishnikova (1793–1867) – famous collector, director of the postal department. Relatively small in quantity, it was a serious phenomenon in the history of collecting Russian art. Although Pryanishnikov was not a connoisseur of painting, he certainly had a natural gift of a connoisseur. He was the first to find and opened bright talents. Most of the paintings f. And. Pryanishnikov, like n. M. Tretyakov, bought from still unknown authors, directly in the workshops. He was in OPX, was a member of the IAX, provided patronage and material support to artists.

N. X. Unknown artist. SPb, 2012. With. 216.

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